It feels good to do good


A social enterprise is an organisation that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in social well-being. We're not a charity, we're just a little company with a big heart. 

Like most people, our founder Candace Lafleur never had much of an interest in healthcare until it became her lifeline. Diagnosed at the age of 32 with a rare autoimmune disease, Candace spent the next 3 years in and out of hospitals, culminating with a major cerebellar stroke as a result of her condition. 

Spending so much time in stroke units and rheumatology wards led to a new perspective on the potential for monitoring robotics as independence promoting aids - designed to solve common problems of communication, security, privacy and perceived loss of control, Mylo was essentially started as a scribble on a napkin accompanying yet another hospital lunch of macaroni and cheese suspiciously lacking in macaroni.

Out of this grew Castle Rook and CR Robotics, which has grown to become a dedicated team of developers, project managers and core team members that are passionate in our shared goal of making life better. We're driven by challenge and the satisfaction of making a difference in the lives of people that could use a bit of help - not profitability or having to answer to external shareholders. We are in a unique position that enables us to appreciate the value of 'enough'.




 I said 'Somebody should do something about that' ... and then I realized that I am somebody.



Mylo has been designed to promote and support independence for people living with dementia in a variety of settings. Because of the sensitive nature of assistive technology and Mylo’s monitoring capabilities, we have consulted with dementia advocates to ensure that Mylo implements ethics by design. We’re a social enterprise, and we’ve never been happier.