The Story of Mylo’s Support for my Mum

Updated: Feb 12

Growing up on the East coast of Ireland, my Mum Tina, is the strongest woman I have ever met. She has raised myself and my two siblings, plus she helped look after five grandchildren. She has a bubbly personality and is always smiling, providing support and laughs when things get tough for any of us. Sadly, life has not been easy on her in recent years. Although she takes everything as it comes and has remained positive, she is becoming more forgetful and does occasionally get lost.

The package of getting older: Memory loss and lack of independence

We understand that at the age of 67, Mum is at significant risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s, so we reached out for advice and sent her for a checkup at her GP. Although she was not officially diagnosed with dementia, her doctor put her on medication. Unfortunately, her forgetfulness seems to be getting worse. She regularly forgets if she has taken her medication or not and her ability to remain independent is gradually decreasing. My sister and I were feeling terrible, blaming each other and avoiding the issue ( this is our biggest regret). We want to be able to provide the care and strength that Mum has given us in our lives. However, we just cannot be with her 24/7 as we both have young families to look after.

I am constantly worried. What if Mum forgot to take her medication? What if she's fallen? What if she needs help? There were millions of scenarios running through my head every day, until we found Mylo.

New Technology: The adaptation was challenging

My sister and I are very keen to adapt to new technology and robotics, however, getting Mum to feel the same was challenging. The biggest issue was getting Mum to adapt to Mylo being in her home. We decided to get the grandchildren involved with Mum’s initial introduction to Mylo. As the grandchildren engaged and interacted with Mylo, talking with him and getting him to smile, Mum became more at ease and began to engage with him, learning his functions and seeing how useful he will be to have around.

The first week was a little bit chaotic; Mum was worried about Mylo, afraid that he might turn off when she pressed the wrong button but we all had fun and a good laugh teaching her how to use him, something we all really needed.

Improvement of life quality from the elderly and their families

After a couple of weeks, Mum is much happier and feels like she has her normal life back. Mylo reminds her to take her medication, meal times and to drink water regularly. Another massive benefit for Mum is having Mylo with her means that she does not need to have her phone with her. She was having great difficulty with the screen size and seeing the numbers so was unable to make calls and she never kept it charged! But, with Mylo, there is a much clearer and larger screen with the added benefit of a louder sound for Mum, Mylo’s screen will also show the picture of the person that Mum is calling. The grandchildren can chat easier with Mum as well with the text message function. It has been such a great addition to our lives, with Mum no longer feeling lonely.

My sister and I are also thrilled by the security and comfort provided by Mylo’s remote monitoring function and health response function. We can get connected and check on Mum anytime we want through the Mylo app on our phone, allowing us a peace of mind when it comes to Mum’s safety. It has given us our time back to concentrate on careers and our own family lives. Most importantly, there is no more fighting between us!

Having Mylo in Mum’s home is the best decision we have ever made. The peace of mind we have knowing she is safe, being reminded to take her medication and the company that Mylo provides has been an enormous help, especially during this unprecedented time. This experience has brought us all closer together.

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