Falls Prevention at Home

You may be at risk of falling if you:

  • Get dizzy or lightheaded when you stand or turn

  • Have difficulty walking or rising from a low chair or bed

  • Have poor balance

  • Have fallen before

  • Take four or more medications

  • Suffer from depression or memory problems

  • Have poor eye-sight or hearing

  • Have a cluttered or poorly lit home

Talk to your GP if you feel you make be at risk- many falls can be prevented

Helpful Tips to Help Prevent you Falling

Make your home safe:

  • Check for hazards around your home

  • Always take care on the stairs and remove any clutter

  • Keep a night light by your bed

  • Consider handrails around the house, especially the stairs

  • Avoid standing on chairs and stools

  • Ensure hallway and stairs are well lit

  • Clean up spillages immediately

  • Ensue carpets are firmly secured

  • Secure loose wires and rugs

  • Always take care with pets

Check your eyesight and hearing

  • Have your eyes tested annually.

  • Be sure you wear the correct glasses and take care when using. bifocals and varifocals, especially on stairs and steps.

  • Poor hearing can affect your balance- see your nurse or GP for advice.

Wear sensible shoes and keep feet healthy:

  • Wear well fitting, low-heeled shoes.

  • Avoid wearing worn out or loose slippers.

  • Have regular foot care.

Avoid or limit alcohol intake:

  • Either alone or combined with medicines, alcohol increases the risk of falls.

Be Active:

  • Physical activity including; walking, gardening, dancing, swimming & Tai Chi can help to improve mobility, strength, balance and flexibility.

Eat well and drink plenty of fluids:

  • Eat foods rich in Vitamin D and Calcium. They are essential for healthy bones e.g, dairy, eggs, leafy green vegetables. Talk to your GP to see if you might benefit from additional supplements.

  • Avoid missing meals.

  • Dizziness and weakness can be reduced by eating regular meals and drinking plenty of fluids (preferably water) each day.

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