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Sunhill Nursing Home Mylo Trial

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As presented at the Nursing Homes Ireland event on the 14th of November, 2019, Mylo is currently being trialled at Sunhill Nursing Home in Termonfeckin, Louth, Ireland. 

Below is an on-going compilation of the function usage data of the 10 Mylos operating in this nursing home as well as quality of life metrics for those using Mylo. 

These trial results were updated on Wednesday of every week until the completion of this trial.

For information or to request more detailed trial results please contact Kelly Mullen at or (+353 15314741​).

Mylo Trial Results

Function Usage Results

Function Usage.png
Remote Monitoring usage by Resident.png

As we can see from the results above, the remote monitoring usage is not equal among different residents. Some residents have higher monitoring needs than others. Staff can use mylo selectively to see who they want to monitor more intensively. 

Resident Feedback

Resident Feedback on Mylo.png