Mylo is a 'personal home assistant' for people living with dementia and their family. An affordable monitoring, companion and support robot for individual use to prolong independence, aiding access to a better quality of life for an individual and their carers.


We approached Mylo's development from a different perspective. We wanted to alleviate some of the stress and worry involved with caring for a family member or a resident with Alzheimers or Dementia, whilst promoting and maintaining the independence of our users.



Video Communication

The disorientation and confusion of dementia can make communication difficult. Remembering to charge a mobile phone, using a touch screen or remembering where the user has placed their phone can pose frustrating barriers to communication.

Mylo allows for unhindered video chat with family, friends and carers using WiFi - wherever the user is in the home. Incoming calls are conveniently brought to the user where they are in the home, and to make an outgoing call a user simply calls Mylo to them and asks Mylo to make a call.

Heart Rate Emergency Response

Older or more vulnerable adults have an increased risk of adverse cardiac events, and it can be complicated and confusing for someone with dementia to try to get help quickly.

Mylo’s watch senses heart rate in real time, triggering an emergency video call response to the primary contact so that the primary contact can assess and react to the user in real-time. By taking control of Mylo, primary contacts can ‘be with’ a user during an emergency until first responders arrive.

Fall Emergency Response

​Each year, 1 in 3 people over 65 has a fall, increasing the risk of injuries and anxiety. Because a person's ability to contact help after the disorientation of a fall is severely limited, Mylo can sense a fall and, if necessary, initiate an emergency response protocol.

Visual Schedule

Mylo brings a unique visual prompt aspect to his user’s daily schedule and routines, reminding and instructing users to take medications, eat at regular times and to remain hydrated with personalized cues and photo/ video reminders.

​Mylo’s linked calendar function notifies and reminds his user of scheduled visits - with visual and verbal cues and preparation instruction.This function enhances the interaction experience of the user with visitors and carers to encourage a smooth and less intrusive transition. 

Senior Couple


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Medication Reminders


Video Call


Remote Monitoring


Automatic Charging



Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring allows the primary contact to access Mylo to check on their family member or their home remotely. This function is controlled solely by the primary contact as approved by the user, and helps to ensure the safety of the user whilst also safeguarding their privacy.


Mylo is fully self-charging

Mylo charges via a magnetic battery connection port installed within the user's home. Once his battery starts to get a bit low Mylo locates his charging station and passively supports his user while charging.


We're always developing to support you

​We are not done yet... Our research and software teams are continuously developing new functions for Mylo, integrating third party software and searching out new ideas and solutions for challenges as they are presented. Upgrades and new features are always being planned. Users get the latest updates, new features and functions. Notification emails and app messages are sent to primary contacts to update them of any changes and new things to try.

And a lot more!

Good Morning

Mylo's Good Morning routine is one of our favorite functions - helping his user's to start the day off right!

At a scheduled time each day, Mylo 'wakes up' to greet his user by name, starting the day off with a reminder of the day of the week, the calendar date and the time. 

Visual Schedule Management

Mylo's calendar function is linked to his user's primary contact (usually a key family member) and (if in a home care or Nursing Home setting) the user's care assistant or team.

One of the most anxiety inducing aspects of Alzheimers or Dementia is a loss of recognition paired with disorientation and confusion - and having a perceived stranger enter into your home or your space with a presence of casual familiarity can feel downright intrusive. We've aimed to ease this with Mylo's visual schedule management function - a core part of his ultimate purpose.

When visiting a user, or when taking a user for an activity or appointment, the primary contact uses their app to input the appointment into Mylo's user schedule, complete with approximate timings, preparation instructions, photos or videos of the person taking the user to their appointment with a reminder of their relationship with the user, and a photo of the destination. Mylo includes any scheduled events within his Good Morning briefing, as well as reminds his user of an event 30 minutes before the event so that the user can begin to prepare themselves. Mylo then reminds his user again 15 minutes before an event, and includes any preparation prompts for the user, such as it being time to put their shoes on, or to use the washroom to get ready to go.

This function has been found to enhance the interaction experience of the user with visitors and carers to encourage a smooth and less intrusive transition.

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